Countdown Widget Installation

In July 2021, Shopify released a new theme architecture called Online Store 2.0. Themes that use the previous architecture are called vintage themes. Depending on the theme version of your store, the procedure to setup the sale tag varies.

Vintage Themes

1. Edit theme.liquid file and add the following code snippet just before the closing </head> tag.

{{ shop.metafields.gzapps.tsm-clock-status }}

2. Edit the product template(s) of your theme and add the following line wherever you want the clock to appear.

{{ product.metafields.gzapps.tsm-clock-widget }}

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Online Store 2.0 themes

1. Go to the Online Store page of the Sales Channel section in the admin panel and click in the Customize button for your current theme.

2. In the theme editor, navigate to one of your product details pages.

3. In the editor panel, click on the Add block button and choose the Clock widget block.

4. Drag the Clock widget wherever you want in the theme panel.