How to Setup Custom Statuses

Custom steps can be created to be displayed in the timeline of the order status page. 

It's important to highlight that the custom statuses have effect only before the item is shipped.

In the below example, the steps 'Preparation' and 'Order Ready' were created.

Custom statuses can be configured in the app by going to Advanced -> Custom Status. You have to click ‘Add new custom status’ link to add a new custom status for a shipping profile or to apply to all profiles. Below you have an example.

Custom Statuses by Shipping profiles

With this option the custom status is fulfilled after the number of days configured since the order creation date. You can apply this specific behavior to one or all shipping profiles. Once the number of days configured have passed the status will appear as completed.

NEW! Custom statuses by order tags

Now you can update the status of any of your orders adding a TAG on the Shopify order using the same tag name configured.

In the screenshot below the status Preparation will be fulfilled if the order contains a tag preparation. Moreover, if the order contains the tag ready both statuses will be completed since the status Order Ready is configured after the Preparation status.