How to add EDD Widget

EDD (Estimated Delivery Date) widget is meant to be added to the product pages so customers have an idea of when an order is going to be dispatched and when it will arrive to destination. This information is displayed to the customer before the item is added to the cart.

As shown below, this is a paid feature and you need to subscribe to Starter plan.

The widget can be customized to look compliant with the styles of your product pages.


To setup the widget on your store it can be done in two ways depending on the version of your theme.

Vintage Themes

Place the code below in your theme. Usually, it will go in product-template.liquid.

{{ shop.metafields.gzapps.otp-eddw }}

Online 2.0 Themes

  1. Go to the Online Store page of the Sales Channel section in the admin panel and click in the Customize button for your current theme.
  2. In the theme editor, navigate to one of your product details pages.
  3. Go to the product information section, click on the Add block and choose OTP widget.
  4. Drag the newly created block and move it the place you wish in the product information section.

And the widget will look like as shown below.